Heads Up! ELWIX 2.5 tagged

After FOSDEM 2017 event in Brussels, ELWIX 2.5 was finally tagged into CVS repository before few hours!

In parallel I did final unit tests and I was released ELWIX 2.5 for x86_64 aka amd64.

ELWIX 2.5 hit the road …

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ELWIX 2.5 is available for download

After two years, slow progress from other direct duties and struggle with my laziness.
I have new version of ELWIX … 😀
Recent my decision to build new version I faced with pretty much hidden changes/differences/politics in FreeBSD from last two years till now.
I don’t want to discuss or claims for few of them which are either right or wrong … from my point of view most of them are ok and good, but few of them are strange end no so good.

Whatever, I still working over completion of build process of x86_64. Near days should be available and this architecture for ELWIX. At this moment ELWIX 2.5 was released for i586 32bits based machines.

ELWIX 2.5 have three image variants
RootFS – 64MB image which rootfs is embedded into kernel and userland programs will be deployed into memory.
RootFS – 128MB image which rootfs is embedded into kernel, but userland programs are installed into image
BaseFS – 64MB image with limited base programs and entire system is installed into image

Happy Christmas and happy new year!

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Working slowly but with equal persistence …

After several months of silence. I doing persistent force over my laziness to do work for port ELWIX libraries to Linux. This is not quite easy task in summer months 😀

Now I did new version of libelwix 4.3 and most important libaitrpc 9.3. Actually first compatible version for Linux. 😉

Summery over changes are:
– libelwix change return manner of e_gethostbyname()
– libaitrpc else I found and I fixed one a bug. When we have not kqueue support for signals and we should to do our job with native signal catch way. On this way argument of same signal handler routine got different meaning. I forgot this in past when I did implementation. Oups … , but not crucial for whole work of RPC on systems without kqueue support etc … this bug is not observed till this moment on any kind of systems with kqueue like ALL BSD-es, because they operate with straight/native kqueue way for BSD which is implemented/wrapped in libaitsched task support. 😀 😀
I’m not big fan of Linux, just I’m loving BSD and working on BSD! 😀 World is cruel and I should working and with Linux messes.
Shit happens on everyone, not whether, but when this will comes true. (ROFL) 😀

Best regards from me and let’s have a nice day.

P.S. Road to Hell have pavement only with good intentions! 😉

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libelwix version 4.0 and libaitcfg version 7.7

After near one year of silence. I dare to build new version of ELWIX.
I did audit on project core code base and I thinking to bring some fuel & fun into the project … viz … I will give a chance for using ELWIX libraries onto Linux 😀

I want to compile and using ansh client, mqtt client and other ELWIX software on Linux.
Those thoughts bring to us new version of libelwix i.e. version 4.0! 😉

– Fix some little bugs …
– Final variant routine about Ethernet address change
– PORT whole library code for using under Linux

After finalize this. I did port and for libaitcfg version 7.7! 😀

– Also PORT whole library code for using under Linux

Cheers & Enjoy!

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Two libraries has been updated!

libaitsched has new stable version 6.2
All updates into this library for current version are issues related and arrived from OpenBSD port.

– Adds preventive mutex trylock, before mutex unlock at schedEnd(). OpenBSD haves problem with mutex, if it not locked when we do unlock on it.

libaitrpc has new stable version 9.2 with many changes which comes from refactoring of library structure.
I found big issue with OpenBSD sockaddr_storage structure!!! It size is 256 bytes in OpenBSD, but ss_len is 8 bits width! When we want to do sizeof sockaddr_storage into ss_len, we doing overflow of variable and actually we has 0 in ss_len …. Idiotically situation with OpenBSD implementation of sockaddr_storage structure. I have no words … 😀

– Separate RPC client from mainstream library. Now aside from big one libaitrpc. We have and only client libaitrpc_cli.
– Fix RPC shutdown processing, when we have running BLOB server or when we works with local sockets.
– Fix OpenBSD port issues.

P.S. I did tarball for libaitrpc-9.2 at Downloads section.

Cheers fellows! 🙂

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ELWIX program scheduler has new version!

ELWIX program scheduler libaitsched has new version 6.1

– Ported library to run under OpenBSD
– Sets this library like base major version 6 for ELWIX OS

You can find tarball of libaitsched-6.1 library into Downloads page 😉

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Publish new version of libelwix

I did release of new version of libelwix 3.8

– Reworks mpool_realloc() and fix one bug
– Adds mpool_dump() for easy memory pool dump interface

Also I made and published libelwix-3.8 and libaitcfg-7.6, like tar balls for downloads.
Now you can find them into Downloads page.

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Heads UP! Meets suX …

Before many years I wrote this software for Chroot and SUID management of FastCGI/CGI hostings. I don’t like suexec program solution included in Apache project. It’s enough poor for ordinary or business use case.
After couple days of struggle with Apache + FastCGI and ownCloud on hosting. I had success story for this case with full dynamic chroot and different user from Apache for FastCGI process.
Pretty much issues around this problem and further solution with my suX inspired me to share my knowledge for this problem with you as well. I decided to publish suX project under BSD license to give chance to profit from it more people.

That’s ALL!!! Stop watching and let’s suX be free …

suX can be found like tarball from here : suX-3.3

Goodbye and farewell! Cheers at all … 🙂

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ANSH 2.0

Ansh version 2.0 was released!

New version has small changes according last versions of ELWIX core libraries.

Have a nice work with ansh 🙂

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New version of libaitrpc is out!

New major version 9.0 of libaitrpc is out!

I am added support for RPC messaging direct over IP protocol.
Optimize RPC client side and change ELWIX RPC protocol version to 9.

Now libaitrpc library is released … Now time will comming for new version of ELWIX!

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