ELWIX program scheduler has new version!

ELWIX program scheduler libaitsched has new version 6.1

– Ported library to run under OpenBSD
– Sets this library like base major version 6 for ELWIX OS

You can find tarball of libaitsched-6.1 library into Downloads page 😉

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Publish new version of libelwix

I did release of new version of libelwix 3.8

– Reworks mpool_realloc() and fix one bug
– Adds mpool_dump() for easy memory pool dump interface

Also I made and published libelwix-3.8 and libaitcfg-7.6, like tar balls for downloads.
Now you can find them into Downloads page.

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Heads UP! Meets suX …

Before many years I wrote this software for Chroot and SUID management of FastCGI/CGI hostings. I don’t like suexec program solution included in Apache project. It’s enough poor for ordinary or business use case.
After couple days of struggle with Apache + FastCGI and ownCloud on hosting. I had success story for this case with full dynamic chroot and different user from Apache for FastCGI process.
Pretty much issues around this problem and further solution with my suX inspired me to share my knowledge for this problem with you as well. I decided to publish suX project under BSD license to give chance to profit from it more people.

That’s ALL!!! Stop watching and let’s suX be free …

suX can be found like tarball from here : suX-3.3

Goodbye and farewell! Cheers at all … 🙂

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ANSH 2.0

Ansh version 2.0 was released!

New version has small changes according last versions of ELWIX core libraries.

Have a nice work with ansh 🙂

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New version of libaitrpc is out!

New major version 9.0 of libaitrpc is out!

I am added support for RPC messaging direct over IP protocol.
Optimize RPC client side and change ELWIX RPC protocol version to 9.

Now libaitrpc library is released … Now time will comming for new version of ELWIX!

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ELWIX RPC library has new major version

ELWIX RPC library libaitrpc has new major version 8.0!
New version became major because I changed header format.
What this mean? Adds new field in RPC Call packet for loop detection feature.

– Modified RPC Call packet header
– Adds new feature. Support RPC over inner system pipe transfer between parent/child process
– Activated loop detection feature

Best Regards from ELWIX!

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Hey! ELWIX release new libraries versions

ELWIX have two new version of libraries libelwix 3.5 and libaitio 7.2

ChangeLog for libelwix 3.5 ::
– Moved from libaitio some ethernet helper functions
– Changes member name of ethernet address structure
– Modified e_addrcmp() routine. Adds byte-to-byte compare for entire sockaddr_t if family is AF_UNSPEC

ChangeLog for libaitio 7.2 ::
– Moved couple of ethernet helper functions at libelwix

This is very important for next versions of libaitrpc.

Enjoy of life 🙂

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We have new version of libaitrpc

We have new version of libaitrpc 7.2

– ELWIX now supports RPC transport over ethernet frames (layer 2)
– Adds new API calls
– Adds new UT examples

Enjoy of life 😉

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New version 2.3 of ELWIX distribution is out! Look there for ELWIX images 🙂

– ELWIX has new shiny MIPS32 port for ALFA N2 boards!
– Updated version of drivers especially for WiFi network
– Updated version of ELWIX core libraries with last minute changes
– New way for config management with rc.cfg and system remote update

Cheers and good luck for new MIPS port … 😉

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ELWIX will be on EuroBSDCON 2014

ELWIX will be on EuroBSDCON 2014 in Sofia/Bulgaria!

We will provide network connectivity on participants of conference.
Hey this is great! 🙂 Let’s put fun back in line …

Greetings from ELWIX!

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