FWSync driver

Again after long period of silence from my side, but it isn’t means that I don’t pushing ELWIX project forward as well. I was occupied all my working time and many of these efforts, like one of them is FWSync driver are happens by initiation from CloudSigma company. I’m glad that happens and appreciated chance to do help for that.

FWSync doing similar work like synchronization between PF firewalls in routing cluster. Driver by own way sends, receives and update records between routers in group.

You can download FWSYNC driver from ELWIX CVS http://cvs.elwix.org/cvsweb/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/fwsync/

Here you can find document how FWSync driver can be compiled and installed on FreeBSD 13.1 or FreeBSD 14-CURRENT. Help and examples what kind of commands and interacting with system can do when you working with this driver. http://www.elwix.org/site/documentation/fwsync-document/

That’s all, folks … for now! πŸ™‚

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Happy New Year 2022

ELWIX is still alive πŸ˜‰

Last year ago. ELWIX was involved into several projects for various network devices. That is main reason about silence around project.

Now we have new major version of libelwix version 5.0.

ChangeLog includes two new features like data structures management. index hashed structure and iovec array.

libaitcfg have new major version 9.0 also. There implemented fallback search algorithm, if we have duplicate keys for certain attribute

That’s it all officially around for now

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Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021!

I made several new version of ELWIX libraries and new commits on ELWIX build tools.

This means that after few long period of time ago. We will have new version of OS. I am trying to return commits on regular basis onto ELWIX project for the new year.

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FOSDEM 2020 is coming. Another year of this conference, other good moments with friends.


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Libraries libelwix and libaitcfg have new versions

libelwix version 4.20 changelog::

  • New macro array_Var() for automatic extract ait_var_t variable
  • Additional minor fixes to satisfy different compilers

libaitcfg version 8.1 changelog::

  • New routine cfg_dumpCfg() – Dump config data from Red-Black tree
  • Fixed general issue in comparison for tree function. Changed comparing hash size from 16bits to 15bits to preserve most significant bit for minus values.
  • Redesign cfg_getSection(). Return elements in array collected by TAILQ list instead RB tree

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ELWIX version 2.6 for x86 is here!

After two years from previous version and no so many public activities. I worked slowly, silently with persistent effort to make real that version of embedded OS ELWIX 2.6.
Very tough for me was last years to find free time, seat and work over this project.
At last I built and integrate whole that effort into new version of ELWIX.

Changes are pretty much. I describe major of them::
– Used last sources from FreeBSD to built this release as usual.
– ELWIX now have feature to boot from secondary image on same storage!
– OS keep his configs at hidden raw space on storage to ensure reliable work of OS and preserve from unwanted delete of data. Even after upgrade or boot from one of both images after change of boot.
– ELWIX now have ability to using binary packages from FreeBSD package system thru pkg tool
– ELWIX core libraries are with latest versions with many new features for further development.
– Raised redundancy of OS against failures and I made intensive cleanup of bugs …
– Keep configs with /etc/rc.cfg, after their editing.
Sorry for missing documentation but I am really very busy and have not any time at this moment.

Tomorrow I will build test wireless and wired network with many ELWIX devices to cover and doing intensive real test with mesh network in city environment.
My plans are to see, how stable is ELWIX on network load and tortures πŸ™‚

P.S. I will start ELWIX cross-compilation for amd64 architecture.

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libelwix version 4.11

We have new version of libelwix.

Focus on latest release 4.11 was improving JSON support and its debug.

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FOSDEM 2018 is coming!

As every year FOSDEM event is coming and I have plans to be there πŸ˜‰

Another news is that ELWIX 2.6 is coming and i386 version already done! πŸ˜€

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libelwix has new version 4.6

After many days I sit down and after fight with my laziness I did new version of libelwix with JSON support.

I did many small changes around all ELWIX project but time is always not enough to write few lines. What going on with ELWIX …

All of changes are motivated from some needs, Whether either additional projects related to ELWIX or further version of ELWIX … whatever, but facts are that I don’t frequently updating this site. πŸ™

My focus at this moment is to developing full stack solution with different services on management host for control of BitMain’s clusters with miners.

I already have service for IPRegister of miners in ELWIX project and Debug command line tool for miner’s API which is part of miners monitoring service.

Soon I will publishing IPRegister service. All that is possible thanks of CloudSigma AG!

Cheers fellows!

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ELWIX site have new home!

After I did many tries to win against my personal laziness and too busy by work duties.
I did migration from ancient hosting server into new server with low energy consumption.

Don’t asking from me which is vendor, because I did project like “start from scrap” πŸ˜‰
I ripped one oldest server. I take off old parts … most of them and it replaced with new ones with low consumption of energy. (less bills from energy company πŸ˜‰ )
Even I went far away about energy factor. I installed hybrid laptop HDD with less consumption. I will see how long they will living for server using. πŸ˜‰

ELWIX site finally now is up & running on new machine. Have a nice trip for coming years …

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