ELWIX has new scheduler libaitsched version 5.2

ELWIX has new scheduler library libaitsched version 5.2!

New version bridge RTC tasks to all supported event notifiers!
Fix THREAD tasks support and actual fix cancellation action at resource management
Introduce first Linux epoll notifier support (EXPERIMENTAL. It should be ok on next version 6.0).
Change unit tests according recent libaitsched changes!


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Again libaitcfg has new version 7.6

After several weeks and sporadic work over remote access concentrator management system for ELWIX 🙂 I found few new possibilities for improvement of libaitcfg and new version 7.6 is fact!

– Adds 4 new API calls cfg_getAttributeLong(), cfg_getAttributeLLong(), cfg_getAttributeDouble(), cfg_getAttributeLDouble()


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And again for libaitcfg

libaitcfg version 7.5 was released!

New version just have new feature about fetch pairs from certain section.
And more exactly was added new API call cfg_getSection() to do this.

– Adds new function cfg_getSection()
– Fixed unit test test.c forgotten update after API change from libaitcfg ver 7.4


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New version of libaitcfg was released

libaitcfg have new version 7.4

– Adds new api calls for dynamic config/password root management

No changes in working manner with libaitcfg at this moment 🙂

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ELWIX TFTPd server has new version

ELWIX TFTPd server has new version 1.2

– Adds write buffered support
– Adds ability to padding last data block with zeros when works directly on NAND/NOR chip
– Adds force reboot after complete write request
– Fix RO/RW mode startup of service

Stay tuned with ELWIX 🙂 After several days I should releasing first production ELWIX version for MIPS AR724x. 🙂 Hurray!
Now I have full support for embedded boards of ALFA networks NX and in near time I should announce and next two support boards Ubiquiti PicoStation and UniFi!!!

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ELWIX have new own tftp server

ELWIX have new own embedded tftp server with many features 🙂
TFTPd server supports RFC 1350 and 2347 for extension of protocol with options.

It knows options::
– “blksize” Set payload block size
– “tsize” Set whole file size
– “timeout” Set new timeout for entire session transfer
– “rollover” Set which value for seq_id should have after rollover

TFTPd have hooks for program execution on three session events::
– request Before start request
– complete After complete request
– error On occurred error state
They accept arguments in order:
action opcode filename mode client_address client_port

Around all that noise. I release new version 3.3 of libelwix, ELWIX core library!

Main improvement is related with rpack api calls. Now they have ability for return native platform byte order without strict setting for that. 🙂

Stay tuned and enjoy of life! 🙂

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libelwix version 3.2

Tonight I made new API calls into libelwix ELWIX core library.
New feature added with this functions and it’s target around raw data packet management sub-system.

libelwix version 3.2
– Adds new API calls into raw data packet management. Extended raw packet support.
– Auto detect type of internet address into e_gethostbyname() and change slightly his behavior.

This is from me for the night 😉

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ELWIX night marathon continues …

ELWIX night marathon continues 🙂

I found BPF issue at io_etherOpen function. On MIPS architecture BPF have strange behavior from i386 and amd64 platforms. There matter where you will invoke ioctl “BIOCSDLT”.

After that I made new version 6.9 of libaitio.

I wrote and program butz which resides into embedtools from ELWIX. Butz program have duties to manage reset button and led on embedded boards through GPIO interface.
And from all written above I have embedtools version 2.6.:)

Heh, after all I got … fun is bigger prize!

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Fast short announce …

Fast short announce after several sleepless nights.

libaitio version 6.8 add some patches and fixes

And main reason for this is 🙂 … embedtools has new version 2.5
– Removes old unused programs from project
– Add new program for u-boot-env management
– Add new program for cfg nand map management

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New version of libaitsync 2.1

After FOSDEM and some investigation in ELWIX embedtools project.

I found several clues related with memory access in libaitsync library.
Changed from standard system memory allocator to ELWIX ones. 🙂

– Changed from standard system memory allocator to ELWIX ones

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