Heads UP! Meets suX …

Before many years I wrote this software for Chroot and SUID management of FastCGI/CGI hostings. I don’t like suexec program solution included in Apache project. It’s enough poor for ordinary or business use case.
After couple days of struggle with Apache + FastCGI and ownCloud on hosting. I had success story for this case with full dynamic chroot and different user from Apache for FastCGI process.
Pretty much issues around this problem and further solution with my suX inspired me to share my knowledge for this problem with you as well. I decided to publish suX project under BSD license to give chance to profit from it more people.

That’s ALL!!! Stop watching and let’s suX be free …

suX can be found like tarball from here : suX-3.3

Goodbye and farewell! Cheers at all … 🙂

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