Working slowly but with equal persistence …

After several months of silence. I doing persistent force over my laziness to do work for port ELWIX libraries to Linux. This is not quite easy task in summer months 😀

Now I did new version of libelwix 4.3 and most important libaitrpc 9.3. Actually first compatible version for Linux. 😉

Summery over changes are:
– libelwix change return manner of e_gethostbyname()
– libaitrpc else I found and I fixed one a bug. When we have not kqueue support for signals and we should to do our job with native signal catch way. On this way argument of same signal handler routine got different meaning. I forgot this in past when I did implementation. Oups … , but not crucial for whole work of RPC on systems without kqueue support etc … this bug is not observed till this moment on any kind of systems with kqueue like ALL BSD-es, because they operate with straight/native kqueue way for BSD which is implemented/wrapped in libaitsched task support. 😀 😀
I’m not big fan of Linux, just I’m loving BSD and working on BSD! 😀 World is cruel and I should working and with Linux messes.
Shit happens on everyone, not whether, but when this will comes true. (ROFL) 😀

Best regards from me and let’s have a nice day.

P.S. Road to Hell have pavement only with good intentions! 😉

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