Two libraries has been updated!

libaitsched has new stable version 6.2
All updates into this library for current version are issues related and arrived from OpenBSD port.

– Adds preventive mutex trylock, before mutex unlock at schedEnd(). OpenBSD haves problem with mutex, if it not locked when we do unlock on it.

libaitrpc has new stable version 9.2 with many changes which comes from refactoring of library structure.
I found big issue with OpenBSD sockaddr_storage structure!!! It size is 256 bytes in OpenBSD, but ss_len is 8 bits width! When we want to do sizeof sockaddr_storage into ss_len, we doing overflow of variable and actually we has 0 in ss_len …. Idiotically situation with OpenBSD implementation of sockaddr_storage structure. I have no words … 😀

– Separate RPC client from mainstream library. Now aside from big one libaitrpc. We have and only client libaitrpc_cli.
– Fix RPC shutdown processing, when we have running BLOB server or when we works with local sockets.
– Fix OpenBSD port issues.

P.S. I did tarball for libaitrpc-9.2 at Downloads section.

Cheers fellows! 🙂

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