libelwix has new version 4.6

After many days I sit down and after fight with my laziness I did new version of libelwix with JSON support.

I did many small changes around all ELWIX project but time is always not enough to write few lines. What going on with ELWIX …

All of changes are motivated from some needs, Whether either additional projects related to ELWIX or further version of ELWIX … whatever, but facts are that I don’t frequently updating this site. 🙁

My focus at this moment is to developing full stack solution with different services on management host for control of BitMain’s clusters with miners.

I already have service for IPRegister of miners in ELWIX project and Debug command line tool for miner’s API which is part of miners monitoring service.

Soon I will publishing IPRegister service. All that is possible thanks of CloudSigma AG!

Cheers fellows!

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