ELWIX version 2.6 for x86 is here!

After two years from previous version and no so many public activities. I worked slowly, silently with persistent effort to make real that version of embedded OS ELWIX 2.6.
Very tough for me was last years to find free time, seat and work over this project.
At last I built and integrate whole that effort into new version of ELWIX.

Changes are pretty much. I describe major of them::
– Used last sources from FreeBSD to built this release as usual.
– ELWIX now have feature to boot from secondary image on same storage!
– OS keep his configs at hidden raw space on storage to ensure reliable work of OS and preserve from unwanted delete of data. Even after upgrade or boot from one of both images after change of boot.
– ELWIX now have ability to using binary packages from FreeBSD package system thru pkg tool
– ELWIX core libraries are with latest versions with many new features for further development.
– Raised redundancy of OS against failures and I made intensive cleanup of bugs …
– Keep configs with /etc/rc.cfg, after their editing.
Sorry for missing documentation but I am really very busy and have not any time at this moment.

Tomorrow I will build test wireless and wired network with many ELWIX devices to cover and doing intensive real test with mesh network in city environment.
My plans are to see, how stable is ELWIX on network load and tortures 🙂

P.S. I will start ELWIX cross-compilation for amd64 architecture.

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