Heads up! ELWIX adopts pkgsrc package system …

Great news from ELWIX nest. Project adopts pkgsrc package system from NetBSD.
That’s a big step of ELWIX system up to new level of flexibility and various purposes.

I made many changes into build process to fit pkgsrc to system.

  • A new script build_pkgsrc.sh for covering build process of package is added.
  • I made changes at build_tools.sh for mk.conf file, related with cross compiling process
  • I also added package info directory into project with additional information

Existing ELWIX packages should use new pkgsrc packets as a base for a new packet building.
Next step will be redesigning and writing of new tool build_pkg.sh This tool will present pkgsrc packets to ELWIX embedded packages for High Availability and customized appliances.

Enjoy and regards!

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