ELWIX released two new versions of core libraries

ELWIX released two new versions of libaitio version 2.5 and libaitrpc version 3.1

libaitio Changelog::

  • Added new type DATA in ait_val_t variable. Data type grow variable length with given size as append data bytes to end of variable. In this case of course, you should work only with pointer to variable (ait_val_t*)
  • New helper macros for DATA type management

libaitrpc Changelog::

  • Changed format and text of error messages
  • Added new field in tagRPCCall structure (call_len). Field for total length of RPC message
  • RPC has ability for working with bunch of RPC packet requests at one IP packet. Nice! 🙂
  • Present feature for disabling RPC response from server. Deny from receiving response (RPC_NOREPLY)
  • Fix Fletcher16 CRC calculation in special particular case

So … either good night or good morning …. Chao!

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