ELWIX have new own tftp server

ELWIX have new own embedded tftp server with many features 🙂
TFTPd server supports RFC 1350 and 2347 for extension of protocol with options.

It knows options::
– “blksize” Set payload block size
– “tsize” Set whole file size
– “timeout” Set new timeout for entire session transfer
– “rollover” Set which value for seq_id should have after rollover

TFTPd have hooks for program execution on three session events::
– request Before start request
– complete After complete request
– error On occurred error state
They accept arguments in order:
action opcode filename mode client_address client_port

Around all that noise. I release new version 3.3 of libelwix, ELWIX core library!

Main improvement is related with rpack api calls. Now they have ability for return native platform byte order without strict setting for that. 🙂

Stay tuned and enjoy of life! 🙂

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