Heads up! Major re-work and shuffle in core ELWIX libraries

ELWIX has “new” shiny core libraries. In other words, that mean … Redesign and rework of some core features and place into new separate core library libelwix.
After finish movement of API calls from libaitcrc into new libelwix. Is deprecated old one libaitcrc.
Some of base features for system without relation with I/O, like array, variable, string and etc, are moved into libelwix as well removed from libaitio.
This actions have to release major version of all related libraries with changed core features.

That’s it! In short … 😉 So far so good

P.S. After long period of holidays and the end of hunting season for hogs. I should be with more free time 🙂 Hmmm …. but I don’t know for free time :-p

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