On the road to own ELWIX web server

On the road to own ELWIX web server called ahttpd. Development of server do with thoughts for fast, secure, small footprint and very flexible for my needs. But whilst I walk on the road. I do improvement of some libraries in ELWIX.

Last new version of libaitio and libaitcfg are released.

libaitio 3.7 changes are pretty small.
3 new functions related to self sleep mechanism and for ait_val_t management.

libaitcfg 6.0 changes are very big and reasonable to give new major number for version.

  • Re design and re worked password management
  • libaitpwd is obsolete and new password management is moved to libaitcfg
  • Added new unit tests

I made removal of libaitpwd from ELWIX built system.


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