As usual in resent time. New shiny version of libaitsched was released!

As usual in resent time. New shiny version 3.3 of libaitsched was released!
After several sleepless nights and many curiosity. I thinking about pthread and more exactly “how I do my way to management pthreads into ELWIX scheduler”. Though all was planned I found some crucial gaps between ELWIX scheduler model and pthreads native model.

  1. I work with asynchronous switching in scheduler but always I know when task is ended. *BEEEEP* in pthread asynchronous threads is more complicated to do this and in other BSD kernels is little different behavior of this calls. This isn’t big issue…
  2. Ok, pt.1 is more easy :), but user can would to scheduled thread task with pthread joinable thread. Grrrrrr this is holy shity mess at my situation. Price of this are pretty sleepless hour for inventing solid working model for ELWIX scheduler. After finishing in some time I don’t want to lock entire scheduler for some useless result (madness) … I have in my model to get this more adequate way. I found reliable model to serve this thread in ELWIX scheduler.
  3. I made deal with some tricky methods to play with pthread canceling. 😉 As how to kill ASAP thread with ELWIX scheduler call and how to return borrowed resources from scheduler in any case … and many like this issues I solved in last version. 😀

At last but not at least. I made new future into ELWIX scheduler for pthread management covered by ELWIX tasks.

Good night or good morning whatever … Enjoy

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