ELWIX-1.5p2 (Openfest 2011)

New ELWIX 1.5 with patch 2 is available now! After rock ‘n roll in the air I found some weakness in 11n atheros driver.
When is to noisy the environment around AP and I make changing some settings into chip.
After few seconds infamous message from atheros going up to console. Stuck beacons and reset after that.


  • Update latest changes related with timers and TX operations in ath9k driver
  • Update libaitio ELWIX base library to version 2.2
  • Update ANSH ELWIX remote management service
  • FIX broken dynamic library support for 3th party software. Bad suggestions from libtool related with new BSD kernel, fix ELWIX toolchain for avoid this mess

That’s it! 🙂 Enjoy

P.S. Wait for latest changes from Adrian Chadd for Atheros 11n TX support, because in some situation ugly stuck beacons message still appears. 🙁

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