We prepare to release

From today, I finish sync of BSD source code for new ELWIX version 1.4
I get last changes of drivers especially for WiFi part ot project related with atheros chipsets.
Following with big interest Adrian Chadd work over radar detection mode and wait result from first “crash” tests 🙂

For my work hmmm this is place for talk for some “show stopper” things …
1) thing I explained above …. last Adrian Chadd works over radar detection mode
2) new idea which blinded me in one dark night … if we have gpio controls over someone events attached to pins. Why you don’t do “GPIO event manager service” for some boards and tool for switching LEDs :). OK, lets do it! And I started programing of this feature into embedtools part of ELWIX. (btw this may be used and like visual LED debugger 😛 this is perverted thought !!! 😀 Ooo I like this!) and for other purposes may be using.
3) my optional wish list for next release, includes
– driver under BSD license for Kodicom crossbar switch in some video capture cards
– Revised libaitrpc for certain parts will be moved into kernel space 🙂
– Made new library for ELWIX libaitsched for efficient internal management and easy deployment of state machines with various algorythms
– Made driver for management of kernel mbuf chains in user space environment
– And many many many various crazy thoughts spin around my head for nearest period …

At this night, this is from me.

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