Hurray, at last Atheros Wistron DNMA-92 works fine!

After few days will make new version of ELWIX 1.3 with fully support of excellent Atheros Wistron DNMA-92 11n card.

Before two days I bought new very cheep eight ports RS232 card for my console server.
And SURPRISE !!! 🙂 … (strange feeling in me … hmmm how familiar ) … eight ports RS232 MosCom based card not found from system.
Very strange serial card for PCI slot with two internal USB interfaces. Behind of them attached two moscom 7840 chips usb to serial converters. Each of them handled four different serial interfaces.
At this moment OK, but I need driver for this pile of poo 🙂
I found into supplied CD … source of old linux driver for this card … hurray started learning nature of poo 🙂 … Many thanks of vendor!
New shiny driver for moscom 7840 and 7820 will be released in new version or next of ELWIX.

P.S. Sorry, delay of my plans to make new source repository and start to commit sources.
I began cleaning of incompatibilites between different kernels of ELWIX.

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