FWSync driver

Again after long period of silence from my side, but it isn’t means that I don’t pushing ELWIX project forward as well. I was occupied all my working time and many of these efforts, like one of them is FWSync driver are happens by initiation from CloudSigma company. I’m glad that happens and appreciated chance to do help for that.

FWSync doing similar work like synchronization between PF firewalls in routing cluster. Driver by own way sends, receives and update records between routers in group.

You can download FWSYNC driver from ELWIX CVS http://cvs.elwix.org/cvsweb/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/fwsync/

Here you can find document how FWSync driver can be compiled and installed on FreeBSD 13.1 or FreeBSD 14-CURRENT. Help and examples what kind of commands and interacting with system can do when you working with this driver. http://www.elwix.org/site/documentation/fwsync-document/

That’s all, folks … for now! 🙂

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