ELWIX 2.5 is available for download

After two years, slow progress from other direct duties and struggle with my laziness.
I have new version of ELWIX … 😀
Recent my decision to build new version I faced with pretty much hidden changes/differences/politics in FreeBSD from last two years till now.
I don’t want to discuss or claims for few of them which are either right or wrong … from my point of view most of them are ok and good, but few of them are strange end no so good.

Whatever, I still working over completion of build process of x86_64. Near days should be available and this architecture for ELWIX. At this moment ELWIX 2.5 was released for i586 32bits based machines.

ELWIX 2.5 have three image variants
RootFS – 64MB image which rootfs is embedded into kernel and userland programs will be deployed into memory.
RootFS – 128MB image which rootfs is embedded into kernel, but userland programs are installed into image
BaseFS – 64MB image with limited base programs and entire system is installed into image

Happy Christmas and happy new year!

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