libelwix version 4.0 and libaitcfg version 7.7

After near one year of silence. I dare to build new version of ELWIX.
I did audit on project core code base and I thinking to bring some fuel & fun into the project … viz … I will give a chance for using ELWIX libraries onto Linux 😀

I want to compile and using ansh client, mqtt client and other ELWIX software on Linux.
Those thoughts bring to us new version of libelwix i.e. version 4.0! 😉

– Fix some little bugs …
– Final variant routine about Ethernet address change
– PORT whole library code for using under Linux

After finalize this. I did port and for libaitcfg version 7.7! 😀

– Also PORT whole library code for using under Linux

Cheers & Enjoy!

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