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Two libraries has been updated!

libaitsched has new stable version 6.2 All updates into this library for current version are issues related and arrived from OpenBSD port. ChangeLog:: – Adds preventive mutex trylock, before mutex unlock at schedEnd(). OpenBSD haves problem with mutex, if it … Continue reading

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ELWIX program scheduler has new version!

ELWIX program scheduler libaitsched has new version 6.1 ChangeLog:: – Ported library to run under OpenBSD – Sets this library like base major version 6 for ELWIX OS You can find tarball of libaitsched-6.1 library into Downloads page 😉

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Publish new version of libelwix

I did release of new version of libelwix 3.8 ChangeLog:: – Reworks mpool_realloc() and fix one bug – Adds mpool_dump() for easy memory pool dump interface Also I made and published libelwix-3.8 and libaitcfg-7.6, like tar balls for downloads. Now … Continue reading

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