ELWIX started support for AR71xx/72xx MIPS CPU

ELWIX started support for AR71xx/72xx MIPS CPU. Already bring up ELWIX MIPS kernel with full hardware support for few embedded devices based on SoC of Atheros! I solved this without official documentation and want to congratulations for partial important hints for resource of SoC to OpenWRT and FreeBSD about included hardware modules of this SoC’s family. YES It is and works after I had spent many days in work!!! I am happy 🙂

Kernel support included::
– Flash/NAND
– Wireless card
– Ethernet cards
– Ethernet switch
– USB (works, but not wired on my boards)
– Watchdog
– High resolution timers
– U-Boot or Red Boot loaders
– Compressed kernel and rootfs
– Network stack IPv4, IPv6, VPN, ACL
– GPIO pins and LEDs on board

After this moment I should start bring up of rootfs filesystem. After that I am would develop and merge new shiny MIPS toolchain into ELWIX repository.

I will say … Cheers and bon voyage of the new ELWIX port …

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