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After few sleepless nights I finished ELWIX RPC backend

As I wrote before days. New ELWIX RPC engine was finished and released successful! This new implementation of RPC have totally redesign and reworked like it is fully tested. Feature is ready for production! So … to achieve this state … Continue reading

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Hi again and again released new versions of some libraries of ELWIX

Hi again! Some new version released of libaitio, libaitsched and libaitrpc. But one of them (libaitrpc) should be again reworked for more simplicity, clean and optimized code. ChangeLog of libaitio:: – added hash key to elwix variables – added sorting … Continue reading

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BSDDAY 2012 Vienna, Austria!

Hello fellows! We may be seeing again on BSDDAY 2012. Central European BSD developers meeting at Vienna, Austria 🙂 I am happy to see you at that event … 🙂 Cheers friends on finish!

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