CCC Congress 28C3 – Behind Enemy Lines

Hi all friends.

I will be at CCC Congress 28C3 – Behind Enemy Lines in Berlin since 27.12.2011 to 30.12.2011. If you wish to meet with us and to discussing of upcoming features in ELWIX, other technical questions or simply drinking beers.

If you wish to see any new features, extending current services of ELWIX or other very important things. Let’s I hear you and your wishes, proposals, approaches for resolving problems and any ideas for we made better product.

MQTT service with full compliance of latest MQTT protocol version 3.1 will be finished in BETA state. Right at time for CCC Congress and I present first overview from project.

I stay on cross road for client management of ELWIX.

  • Web server, now is lighttpd but I hesitate between lighttpd, nginx and thttpd
  • Config data, now is separated between text files and XML config, but my desire is made consistent config storage with sqlite or XML only.
  • Web UI need to develop like separate modules from scratch with pure PHP or PHP+Javascript+AJAX

Don’t be shy, let we put fun back into computing!
Cheers from Michael Pounov …

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