After one week and full testing ELWIX-1.4 version in production environment.
I found few small bugs and fix them.
– sysctl.conf // grow sysctl variable
– syslog.conf // after remove clog feature for rotate log. I forgot to fix file names.
– sudo plugin // fix plugin install dir
– 012.pptp.stop // add new runtime script for pptp client
– CompactFlash // fit minimum to 64MB Cannon PowerPC CompactFlash geometry, like 125184 sectors!
– tcsh shell // change install manner for tcsh/csh shell. Before is in BLOB elwix binary, now is in rootfs like self binary file. When tcsh is in elwix BLOB I found very strange and tedious bug. Grrrrrrr …. if you should starting write some chars into prompt and press ctrl+c. tcsh automatically logout you from console.

Cheers !!!

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